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AirSep Focus

The AirSep Focus is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator available today. It weighs less than 2 pounds and is only slightly taller than a can of soda. This wearable concentrator fits in a convenient belt pouch leaving your hands free to play frisbee with the pup, do some yard work or browse around your favorite shop. The AirSep Focus is perfect for a car trip and fits easily on the seat next to you where it can be safely secured.

The world is easily accessible with this concentrator offering the ultimate in portability and freedom. This concentrator can be powered by a traditional A/C power cord or a D/C power chord that plugs into a cigarette lighter in the car or power source in a boat or motor home. The battery can maintain it's charge for 1.5 hours per battery and two batteries can be used for a total of 3 hours charge time. This concentrator is designed with the active user in mind. It can deliver 2 liters per minute in a pulse dose and is ideal for the COPD patient to use while exercising or being active during the day.

Travel, explore and live a full life unencumbered by a heavy tank and inconvenient deliver service. Call to speak to one of our respiratory experts today to discuss whether the AirSep Focus is the right choice for you.

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