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AirSep Freestyle

The AirSep Freestyle is an small, inconspicuous concentrator that resembles a camera bag. The long padded strap and belt attachment allows you to wear it in comfort. The battery maintains power for 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the delivery setting. Plenty of time to go for a long walk, catch a movie or go to the market. 

Travel has never been easier with the FreeStyle. Long battery life, convenient carrying case, light weight and small, this portable concentrator has been approved by the FAA for airline travel. It easily fits under your seat or in the carry on bin above. The concentrator can also be powered by traditional A/C power or with a D/C cord that plugs into a car cigarette lighter or the power connector on a boat or RV. The FreeStyle can deliver 1 to 3 liters per minute in a pulse dosage and is ideal for the oxygen user who is on the go.

Life life to the fullest with the AirSep Freestyle. Call our respiratory specialists today. They will take the time to assess your medical and lifestyle requirements and help you decide if the FreeStyle the best choice for you.

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