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Pulse Oximeter
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                                             Gtek-191 Pulse Oximeter


    MSRP: $175
  Our Price:

The Gtek-191 Pulse Oximeter is a great inexpensive oxygen monitor that reads the
 patients blood oxygen saturation levels, and heart rate. This pulse oximeter is used
by many different users such as: patients, in home users, doctors, athletes, EMTS,
 pilots, and nurses who need to monitor oxygen saturation levels. The Gtek-191
 Pulse Oximeter is colorful and small making it easy to carry around and comes
available with a convenient carrying case for additional surface protection and storage.

The Gtek-191 Pulse Oximeter displays the blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse
rate with a wavelength display for comprehensive pulse analysis. The brightness on
 the screen can be adjusted to view easily anywhere and the screen allows the patient to
view their readings 4 different ways. This allows the patient to have a more convenient pulse ox.

The Gtek-191 provides up to 30 hours of continuous use, or over 2500 spot checks. This pulse oximeter is the perfect for patients not wanting to spend a fortune to read their levels. You should always have a pulse oximeter if you are using oxygen from an oxygen concentrator.

The Gtek-191 Pulse Oximeter Includes:
  • Free Protective Carrying Case
  • Lanyard
  • Instruction Manual
  • Gtek-191 Pulse Oximeter

The Gtek-191 Pulse Oximeter Features:

  • Pulse Oximeter Runs Efficiently For At Least 20 Hours
  • The Product Is Small In Volume, Light In Weight And Easy To Carry
  • Rotates In 4 Different Directions For Easy Viewing
  • Automatic On/Off After 5 Seconds Of Not Being Used
  • Operation Of The Pulse Oximeter Is Simple And Convenient
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