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Inova Lifechoice Activox

The much anticipated Lifechoice Activox has finally arrived and it has been worth the wait! This portable oxygen concentrator is perfect for the oxygen user on the go. Weighing just 4.83 pounds, it comes with a convenient carrying case with a comfortable shoulder strap or a backpack strap that leaves your hands free for shopping or working around the house.

The Acivox features 3 pulse settings. The long lasting internal battery lasts up to 12 hours on setting 1. A lightweight, half-pound auxillary battery adds an additional charge up to 3 hours. The convenient carrying case comes with a comfortable shoulder strap or a backpack strap that leaves your hands free. It's ideal for shopping or exercising. The unit also comes with a traditional A/C cord for at home use or a D/C cord for use in the car, motor home or boat. It features a short recharge time of 4 hours.

The patented PulseWave oxygen deliver system offers maximum saturation by delivering oxygen throughout the inhalation cycle instead of a short burst of air at the beginning. This also makes the unit much quieter with no puff of air making it ideal for cultural events or quite dinner parties. It also features a sleep or low-activity mode that increases it's sensitivity to the baseline breath that triggers the pulse.

Call today to speak to one of our oxygen specialists to figure out if this portable oxygen machine is best suited to your lifestyle and medical needs.
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