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Oxus Reliability Plus

One of the Most Durable and Reliable
Oxygen Concentrators on the Market

Oxus Reliability Plus by Drive
Live Your Life Without Restrictions
FAA Approved

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Drive created an unique portable oxygen concentrator, with the functionality of a top market oxygen concentrator and contains an user friendly design as easy as learning the ABC's.  The control panel displays clear, fully written out messages to ensure there is no confusion for the patient.  There will no longer be any deciphering of warning lights or signals!  With the easy to follow maintenance schedule, taking care of this machine is a breeze. 

The Oxus Reliability Plus also contains several key features to ensure that the patient receives the necessary amount of oxygen whether they are active or at rest.  The fixed bolus delivery keeps the amount of oxygen constant up to 40 breaths per minute.  This is important in order to guarantee that with every breath you take, your body will be saturated with oxygen. 

To manufacture such a durable oxygen concentrator, the Oxus Reliability Plus has an aluminum body and the joints are clamped together instead of glued.  This is only to make sure the oxygen concentrator can be every patient's daily companion going through the same daily grind as yourself.  Whether that is out on the links, improving your golf game or outside in the garden working hard to make it beautiful, this portable concentrator will be there for the long haul.  With a proprietary compressor that lowers the vibration of the machine which will extend the concentrators life and improve the patient's comfort.  Drive also installed a membrane dryer to extend the sieve bed life that will remove up to 80% of the humidity in the air and improving the long lasting optimal performance.

The Oxus Reliability Plus is easy to travel with for the concentrator is under 10 lbs and is FAA approved.  The design allows for the machine to be operating in a vertical or horizontal positioning which allows it to fit right underneath your plane seat.  Therefore your portable oxygen concentrator will be safe and within your reach for all your travels.  It gives a new definition to the word portable!

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Key Features
  • Aluminum Casing and Clamped Joints improving the life of the Oxus Reliability Plus, making it one of the most durable portable oxygen concentrators on the market.
  • Full Text Message Alerts and easy to follow maintenance schedule to make your life so much easier when using the machine.  Saving time and making you happier when operating the concentrator.
  •  Fixed Bolus Delivery to deliver a constant amount of oxygen with every breath you take.  Capable of fixed oxygen delivery up to 40 breaths per minute.   You will be receiving oxygen when you need it the most!
  • Proprietary Compressor to decrease the vibration caused by the machine to reduce wear and tear and improve your comfort when in use.
  • Membrane Dryer that will remove up to 80% of the humidity in the air extending the sieve bed life.
  • Light weight being under 10 lbs. to allow you to carry it anywhere you desire.

Oxus Reliability Specifications
 7.6" (Wide) × 5.6" (Long) × 11.9" (High)
 Optimal  Up to 95% Humidity In The Air
 Weight  9.9 Lbs. With Battery Installed (4.49 Kg)
 Purity  87%-96%  Pure O2 Breathing In
 Flow Rate
 Pulse Dose Settings 1-5 in increments of .5
 Battery Duration
 3 Hours on Setting 2
 Max Output
 850 mL/ min
 Concentrator Duration  Over 15,000 Working Hours
 Sound Level
 41.0 dBA

Durable Carrying Case, Mobility Cart, Battery, AC Power Supply (wall outlet), and DC Power Supply (car outlet) 

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