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Respironics Evergo

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
The Perfect Travel Oxygen Machine
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Respironics Evergo

Respironics Evergo
Made in the USA!
M.S.R.P for the
: $4095

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Respironics Evergo

2 Rechargeable Batteries
Custom Carry Case
With Shoulder Strap

Travel Cart
Accessory Bag
A/C and D/C Power Supplies
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Our Price:
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Buy, Rent, and Repair The Respironics Evergo
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Save Even More With Our Custom Bundle Packages!

Standard Package Includes-
2 Batteries, AC DC Adapters, Traveling Cart, Traveling Case, Shoulder and Handle Straps, and Accessory Bag

Travel Package Includes-
4 Batteries, AC DC Adapters, Traveling Cart, Traveling Case, Shoulder and Handle Straps, External Battery Charger, Pulse Oximeter, and Accessory Bag

Elite Travel Package Includes-
6 Batteries, AC DC Adapters, Traveling Cart, Traveling Case, Shoulder and Handle Straps, External Battery Charger, Pulse Oximeter, and Accessory Bag

Respironics Evergo Features

** Long Battery Duration **
** Light Weight **
** Breath Detection **
** Self Contained **
** Broad Flow Range **
** Multiple Power Sources **
** Innovative Touch-Screen **
** Compact Size **

About the Features of the Respironics Evergo

Compact Size
(12" L x 6" W x 8.5" H)
- Fits easily with the user in the car, home, out doors, or traveling environments
- Includes Traveling Bag/Protective Bag. No other accessories are needed. This keeps the unit the same minimum size

Broad Flow-Range
- Settings of 1-6 Pulse. Setting go up and down in 1/2 increments
- Serves a wide variety of user-needs in terms of flow for both activity and rest

Innovative, Easy-to-use Touch-Screen Interface
- Eliminates difficult to use buttons or knobs for those with arthritic fingers or hands
- Screen is water-resistant and fluid-resistant
- Helps prevent inadvertent changes to flow settings
- Display is only actuated when changes are needed
- Display provides the user with large, easy-to-read information for those with eyesight impairments

Battery, AC (Home Outlet), or DC (Car Lighter) Powered
- Provides the user with the ability to:
- Charge the 2 batteries at once, when the Evergo is connected to an AC or DC Power Source
- Use the Respironics Evergo while the batteries are charging
- Install one or two batteries for maximum time or minimum weight

Pulse Breath Detection Technology
- Allows for the use of a standard, single lumen oxygen cannula (tubing)
- Allows for a reduction in the size of the device while still being able to provide a broad-flow range and therapeutic oxygen concentration

Physical Characteristics
- Size: 12" L x 6" W x 8.5" H
- Weight: Under 10 LBS with 2 Batteries and the Traveling Case

Mechanical Characteristics
- Controls: Touch-Screen Interface
- Circuit Breaker: 6.3 amp fast blow fuse
- Power Switch: Touch-Screen (I/O Symbol)
- Display: LCD monochrome
- Filtration: Air Inlet Filter (Gross Particle Filter), Main-Flow Bacteria Filter (BFE/VFE 99.99% efficient), Outlet Gas Filter (10 microns)

Electrical Characteristics
- Power Consumption: 40 Watts
- Power: 117 Volts, +10%, -15%, 60 Hz
- Battery: Lithium Ion, 14.4 Volts (Nominal)
- Electrical Insulation: Double Insulated
- Capable of charging internal batteries

Lasts 8 hours without needing to recharge!
Only Weighs 9 1/2 lbs with both batteries in!

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Respironics Evergo Accessories

Respironics Evergo Battery $250
Respironics Evergo External Battery Charger $250
Respironics Evergo Traveling Cart $65

Call Us For Best Pricing!

Note: For first time charging the Respironics Evergo Batteries, charge in the unit not the external battery charger!! When purchasing new batteries run the battery all the way to 0% then charge back to 100%!!

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